About Ranginkaman Complex

Complex building

In the name of god

Commercial complexes, recreational, tourism and residential Rainbow Khorramabad, sparkling jewel of the West Country

Beautiful city of Khorramabad demonstrate a sincere and friendly people having a lot of historical sites and tourist In this situation we have to afford much in the way of work, commercial complexes, recreational, tourism and residential Rainbow outcome of this effort.  ((Dr.Ali akbar Fakour))

The 9-storey building with an area of approximately 10,000 square meters. The complex is equipped with central heating and cooling systems and air conditioning systems and fire alarm and CCTV and Integrated Security Monitoring Center provides

Several uninterrupted Elevators in all parts of the complex set of advantages that make traveling easier and convenient services to passengers and visitors

Because of the complex in the commercial center of the city ,Complex parking is provided on two floors, with a capacity of 100 cars to  Prevent congestion and overcrowding on the streets leading to the complex and thereby provide relief to commuters and shoppers.

About Khorramabad

Castle Falak_al_aflak

5300 square feet with a beautiful castle on a hill in the center of the city of Khorramabad, the landscape is beautiful.

Its old name, dating back to the Sassanid era, and has asked Dzhshapvr 8 circular towers, high walls and strong

The castle with the full knowledge of the surrounding area is safe and act as a bulwark for rulers, against the opposition before the Islamic Revolution has been used as a prison.

Occurrence of Khorramabad city surrounding the castle and gradually developed. Clear and cool with water from a spring in the year following the current castle with pool and park, the castle has a certain beauty to the margins

In addition to the strong architectural character of the building, has a wealth of unique. These treasures include the Stone Age stone tools, prehistoric pottery, stone seals diverse, unique and sacred objects, bronze, porcelain and objects related to the Islamic period and examples of Lorestan is engraved stone tombs.

Lorestan bronze adorn many of the most prestigious museums in the world. The Museum of Anthropology is a unique castle.

Places of interest

Khorramabad good climate and water in the door is located. There are numerous causes lots of springs and historical monuments in the city of Khorramabad is a collection of historical and natural Dydnyhay. Presence Lake Cave, Mirage and fountains monuments like castles in the sky planetarium, Paul Shapouri, minarets, brick, stone and rock vortex its unparalleled collection of historic and natural combination has formed in Khorramabad. There are also many Grdshgahhay around the city of Khorramabad, including Forest Park and Forest Park Mkhmlkvh brine in the south to the north of the city can be named. Khorramabad, Iran can be one of the tourist cities.

Another attraction of the city

Zayd ibn Ali's shrine / brick minaret / stone / whirlpool / stone bridge broken / Park Kyu / Mosque / Tomb of Baba Taher / Mirage Chngayy / indoor market catches Mirza Reza


This is a Kufic inscription carved on the stone is located in the southern part of the city of Khorramabad on a square Trashydhast and grazing livestock on the property deed is inscribed on it. These inscriptions are built into the four corners of the ancient bridge, broken brick minaret, and dock Falak_al_aflak Mark Moses is gone. This stone has its roots in the mountains and in the last few years due to the development of Khorramabad, Iran Shariati was cut and removed.